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The Plague

The Plague was written 70 years after the start of the Greek Civil War and is exploring its traces in
the present.

Rosa Luxemburg meets Oedipus, Slavoj Žižek lays in bed with the German journalist Ursula. And a
chorus of Athenians tries to find its way through the fragments of History.

The December events of 1944 and the Treaty of Varkiza get confronted with the under Soviet siege
being Berlin, with the crisis-struck Athens of 2016, the riot-struck Athens of 2008, and with the
refugees on the Mediterranean Sea.

For the Greek Civil War was not an isolated event.
For Europe’s history is a history of betrayed hopes.
For it is not only the winners’ privilege to write down History.

Was first presented on the 31. March 2016 as a stage reading, in the Festival of the Experimental
Stage of the National Theatre of Greece. In April 2016 it was presented at the Athens Biennale.


Text Greg Liakopoulos
Direction Katerina Giannopoulou
Dramaturgy Katerina Giannopoulou, Greg Liakopoulos
Set – costumes Niki Psychogiou
Director’s assistant Christina Mertzanidou

Photos Karol Jarek

Christina Garbi, Chara-Mata Giannatou, Efthimis Theou, Giorgos Kissandrakis, Elena
Meggreli, Argyris Xafis, Marios Panagiotou, Vasilis Safos, Maria Skoula

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