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Director Katerina Giannopoulou was born in Athens in 1987. She studied Acting at the Athens Conservatoire before switching to the field of Directing. She has worked on both classic dramas (“Woyzeck” by Georg Büchner) and contemporary plays (“The Plague” by Greg Liakopoulos) as well as non-theatrical texts such as poems of the Beat Generation (“Holy Beat”, based on Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”). In 2017 she presented “The Ridiculous Darkness” by Wolfram Lotz, on the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre of Greece. “The Ridiculous Darkness” was invited to the Dimitria Festival in Thessaloniki and the New Greek Wave Festival in Bremen. In September 2021 she directed a theatrical adaptation of R.W. Fassbinder's "In a year of 13 moons" at the Athens Epidaurus Festival and in October 2021 she presented "Paradise flooding/starving/playing" based on the Klima Trilogy by Thomas Köck at Onassis Stegi.

She participated at the International Forum of Theatertreffen 2018 in Berlin as a fellow of the Goethe Institut of Athens.

In 2019 she worked at Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg with the directors Christoph Marthaler and René Pollesch as a fellow of the Goethe Institut.





Premiere 29 October 2021 at Onassis Stegi

Scheduled performances 29 October - 7 November 2021

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