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An adaptation of Allen Ginsberg's Howl

The poetic manifest of the Beat Generation meets industrial soundscapes and seeks whatever is
left from the human substance and what 'holy' means today. Three actors, three different aspects
of the poet himself, meet on a stage set as a bar and attempt to discover that short moment of
flare in life, which reminds that even in Hell we can find a small piece of Paradise.

Written in 1955, Howl became the manifest of the Beat Generation, the first post-World War II
american generation, the generation of baby boom and McCarthism, rock n roll and the
communist threat, who witnessed every human value beeing sacrificed for the sake of financial
growth and beeing replaced by extreme conservatism.

Now that the world as we know it seems to be on the verge of a radical change, as we experience
an age of financial crises, political unstability und a return to old conservative ideas, Howl comes to
remind us which those 'holy' ingridients are, that give real value to human substance.

Holy Beat was first presented in 2016 in Bios Theater in Athens, Greece.


Direction Katerina Giannopoulou
Dramaturgy Georgina Kakoudaki
Set-Costumes Niki Psychogiou
Light design Nikos Vlassopoulos

Photos Myrto Steirou, João Linneu 

Trailer Giannis Bereris


Christina Garbi, Giorgos Kissandrakis, Vasilis Safos


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